• Operator-free material transfer
  • Accommodates a wide range of widths and lengths
  • PLC controlled
  • Lift and position sheets in less than 25 seconds

C.N.C. Sheet De-Stack / In Feed System

C.N.C. Sheet De-Stack / In Feed System  –  45’ L. X 6’ W. x .250” T

Weldlogic engineers designed a de-stacker to enable material lengths of up to 144” length x up to 60” width with a vacuum lift and sheet transfer system.

A PLC is provided to manage the system and vacuum lift and transfer program. This special engineered machine de-stacks the sheets from pallet without operator labor and delivers the sheet to the C.N.C. roller in feed table.

The automatic De-Stacker accommodates a wide range of lengths and widths with sensors to determine which vacuum cups are actuated.

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