Typical Options Headstock
  • Rotary spindle ID gas purge
  • Up to 3.00" (7.6cm) spindle through hole
  • Load capacity to 1,000 lbs (454)

  • Tailstock
  • Rotary gas purge
  • Up to 3.00" (7.6cm) spindle through hole
  • Thrust load to 500 lbs

  • Torch Tower
  • Motorised z-axis
  • Motorised torch mount rotary stage
  • Dual Torches

  • Additonal Options
  • Workpiece steady rest(s)
  • Custom tooling to hold / locate workpiece
  • Computer controlled turn-key systems
  • Custom designed positioners
  • Side beam carriage

CWL Circumferential Welding Lathe

Full Function CWT 30 & 36 precision welding positioners are designed specifically for automatic welding applications. To achieve maximum welding rate and quality with minimal labor cost, the CWL Circumferential Welding Lathe is a versatile production ready product. Designed to solve your Circumferential & Linear TIG, Plasma & MIG welding requirements (with many options not shown).


  • Detachable Fixture Control Pendant
  • Headstock: Direct Helical Gear Drive with Monolithic rigid all steel frame
  • Bed: Rigid – all steel construction. Saddle & Tailstock ride on precision high capacity preloaded Bearing System
  • Tailstock: Rigid all construction with full range of alignment adjustment(s)
  • Independent Tailstock pusher System – maintains alignment over full range of thrust
  • Torch Head swings to rear of tool for clear access when loading & unloading workpiece
  • Detented and locking Torch Tower Head Pivot for overhead