Elevated Seam Welder with Transfer Cart

Weldlogic Engineering took a Standard PLS-72 and designed a Riser to accommodate 10” thru 65” diameter x 78” lengths.

elevated seamer with transfer cart

A catwalk with lockable wheels was designed to enable the operator to stand at a good vantage point for seam weld set up and viewing.

The Part Transfer cart enables the operator to bring the parts both in and out of the seam welder with vertical up and down hydraulically powered.

A universal cradle with urethane wheels is provided on the transfer cart to accommodate a wide range of diameters and lengths and enable the part to be easily rotated to align part seam at top dead center.

The Weldlogic AWS-350 manages the entire system- with Wire Feed, Arc Voltage Control , Travel Servo and gas controls all developed and stored in the AWS-350 memory for easy recall.

All the controls are repeatable to within 1% accuracy eliminating high skill levels and tribal knowledge to make exceptional seam welds.

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