• Light curtain/hands out of work area
  • Remote viewing camera
  • Exhaust/Fume extraction
  • Pneumatic door lift
  • Arc shield/flip up lense with micro-switch safety feature
  • Arc shield/4 sided rigid with blackout non-reflective barrier
  • Digital Read Out/position indicator

Weld Cell Safety Enclosures for Lathe Welding Systems

Weld Cell Safety Enclosures for PWL Weld Lathes, the most versatile, precision and rugged welding platform in the industry.

Table top safety enclosure provides a safe environment for weld welding energetics or propellant devices and shields operators and surrounding personnel from arc rays.

Zero gravity sliding front door with safety switch which does not allow the system to operate with the door in the open position.

In the event the door is opened during the welding process the arc is automatically shut off.

Includes a remote start /stop pendant mounted outside the enclosure.