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Custom 3-Roll Specialized Roll Forming System


Our heavy duty 3 roll machine is a symmetrical roll design. The material is entered into the pinch point between the top and lower pinch roll. The entry side form roll is then placed into position for pre-forming the leading edge of the part. The part is then fed into the machine forming the leading edge. After the leading edge if formed the entry side form roll is lowered and the exit side form roll is placed into position to finish forming the part. The total process is one entry one pass forming.

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Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 3.19.25 PMThe CNC control system consists of a SIEMENS S7 series PLC configured for closed loop position control via AC servo motors for the material feed and forming operations.  The control system is very flexible in programming to form many variations of round and non-round parts.  The operator interface is a Touch Screen HMI.  The touch screen is capable of storing over 100 part programs of up to 50 forming steps per programs.