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AWS-400 Ampere Computer Controlled Full Function Welding Lathe

Weldlogic Engineers combine the AWS-400 Ampere Computer Controlled Power Supply with Arc Voltage Control, Wire Feed, Travel Rate and Oscillation to enable the highest Quality Welds integrated to our CWL-30/36 Circumferential Welding Lathe.

The CWL product has many options to tailor this precision positioner to your specific application requirements.

CWL-30/36 Features

  • Heavy-duty Head Stock
  • 400 Ampere Ground
  • 1000 Lbs Capacity
  • All Steel Construction
  • Dual Spindle Capacity
  • T.I.R. 001”
  • Speed Accuracy ± .5%
  • Rigid Torch Arm with Slider

CWL Standard Features & Specifications:

• Detachable Fixture Control Pendant
• Headstock: Positive Helical Gear Drive with Monolithic rigid all steel frame
• Bed: Rigid – all steel construction. Saddle & Tailstock ride on precision high capacity
preloaded Bearing System
• Tailstock: Rigid all steel construction with full range of alignment adjustment(s)
• Independent Tailstock Pusher System – maintains alignment over full range of thrust
• Torch Head swings to rear of tool for clear access when loading & unloading workpiece
• Detented and Locking Torch Tower Head Pivot
• Input voltage: 100/125 200/250 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 VA
• Shop Air: 90 PSI – filtered
• Speed range .01 – 30.00 RPM
• Speed accuracy: + .5%
• T.I.R. .001 in .025 mm
• Weld current capacity: up to 400 Amps
• Spindle through hole: 1.27 in 3.22 cm
• Tailstock stroke 3.00 in 76 mm
• Tailstock force: 500 lbs. 2200 N
• Workpiece weight capacity: 1000 lbs. 440 kg

Options for Weldlogic’s Circumferential Welding Lathe CWL

Typical options:


  • Rotary spindle ID gas purge
  • Up to 2.00” (5.1 cm) Spindle through hole
  • Load capacity to 1,000 lbs (454 kg)


  • Rotary gas purge
  • Up to 2.00” (5.1 cm) spindle through hole
  • Thrust loads to 500 lbs (2,227 N)
  • Dual Head Stock with Spindle

Torch Tower

  • Motorized z-axis
  • Motorized torch mount rotary stageAdditional Options:
  • Workpiece Steady Rest(s)
  • Custom Tooling to hold / locate workpiece
  • Computer controlled turn-key systems
  • Custom designed positioner


AWS-400 Features

  • Windows Based Program
  • 400 Amperes Capacity
  • Arc Voltage Control
  • Multiple Level Programming
  • Weld Process Development
  • Wire Feed
  • Arc Oscillation
  • Dual Gas Control with Sensors


MFG Service Quote

Weldlogic offers contract manufacturing services through our in-house sister division.

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Manufacturing Service Quote

Weldlogic offers contract manufacturing services through our in-house sister division W.S.I. (Weldlogic Services, Inc.) if you would like to develop a product or the volume is not high enough to justify capitol investment.

W.S.I. is staffed to engineer and perfect the manufacturing quality and price point your looking for. When volumes reach R.O.I. (return on investment), Weldlogic Inc. will offer you the equipment and developed manufacturing process to ensure a smooth transition into your manufacturing floor.

Services include:

  • Metal forming and full service machining
  • Welding Services: Tig, Mig, Laser, Plasma, Resistance, Induction
  • Helium leak checking, pressure testing, cross sectioning, X-ray
  • Laser marking, chem-etch, electro polishing
  • Mechanical / electrical assembly
  • Class 10,000 clean rooms

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