CWP Circumferential Welding Positioner






  • Full digital & PLC control support flexible welding process setting and multiple Programmable Welding Sequences edit.
  • The system includes alarm hisory, alarm messages and PLC I/O monitoring functions.
  • Tilt style main frame design that allows 7 angular position adjustment from vertical to horizontal position (0-90˚).
  • Multi-function welding bracket assembly for all position special welding job demand.
  • 75 mm stroke adjustable pneumatic clamping of tailstock and movement on high precision linear guide way.
  • TA-100 pneumatic torch actuator with 100 mm stroke to control and ensure welding torch positioning at high accuracy.
  • Welding table equipped with low backlash precision reducer and include 38.5 mm diameter through-hole for gas purge.
  • Allows for input voltage hookup 100-240V AC without manual linking.
  • All units are high frequency protected.
  • CE conformity




Full Digital Control

  • The system employs PLC controller together with 5.7 inches, 16 scale touch screen HMI.
  • A closed loop driver system is also included to maintain the constant rotation speed and increase system’s accuracy, stability and efficiency.

Flexible Welding Process Setting

  • Graphical welding sequence and 8 configurable timers allow easy and flexible operation.

Precision Speed Control

  • The closed loop driver system maintains constant speed control for different loading.
  • Even with heavier load at lower speed, the system automatically compensates through motor encoder and achieves stable speed.

Multiple Programmable Welding Sequences

  • 100 sets of welding sequence can be saved and loaded for future use. Saving content may include: file name, turn table position, rotation speed, sequence timer setting and motor parameters (offset and gain). The search function also enables the user to have quick access to the particular welding sequences.

Maintenance Function

  • The system includes alarm history, alarm messages and PLC I/O monitoring functions, which facilitates troubleshooting and maintenance and increases overall production efficiency.


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