Service Department

Weldlogic now offers 2 branches of customer support for Standard and ES equipment.

  • All standard equipment consists of the AWS, PA and PWL Series equipment.
  • Our ES equipment consists of all PLS and HDH Series equipment along with any custom modifications done to standard equipment.

Weldlogic offers full technical phone and email support on all AWS, PA, PWL, PLS and HDH series equipment, which minimizes downtime and loss due to breakdowns or set-up issues.

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Spare Parts

A comprehensive spare parts inventory of Weldlogic electrical, mechanical and Weldcraft torches are widely available for immediate shipment.

Full Service

Repairs, Training and Calibration of Weldlogic equipment is carried out by trained technicians and engineers. Repairs are scheduled in accordingly with an approx 3-5 day lead time.


Specified Weldlogic equipment is calibrated and certified with test equipment which enables our customers to comply with the requirements of ISO 9000 and other associated standards. Units are certified yearly or upon customer request.

On-Site Maintenance

Weldlogic also offers onsite or in-house Calibration and Maintenance training on all AWS, PA, PWL, PLS and HDH series equipment. Quotes are available upon request.

Free quotes for service, calibration, or recommended hardware/software upgrades.

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Contact Weldlogic Support

For PA, AWS or PWL service or technical questions, contact:

Juan Ortega
Service Manager

(805) 498-4004 ext.241

For PLS, HDH or Custom service or technical questions, contact:

Jonathan Martinez
ES Service Manager

(805) 498-4004 ext.282