Weld Lab

The Weldlogic Weld Lab is a world-class Joining Center to support our existing base of customers and future customers.

Our Weld Lab is staffed with 3 full time weld engineers and 10 welding technicians to assist our existing customers with new product weld development and support, along with providing sample welds on prospective customer assemblies.
13 Welding Cells
  • Micro-TIG/TIG
  • Micro Plasma/Plasma
  • Micro-Laser/Laser
  • Micro-MIG/MIG
  • Micro-Resistance/Resistance
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Lab Equipment (Partial List)
  • Multi-Axis Pulsed YAG Laser Cell
  • Seam Welding Pulsed YAG Laser Cell
  • Micro Spot Welding YAG Laser Cell
  • 4-Circumferential Micro-TIG Welding Cells
  • Circumferential 300 AMP TIG Welding Cells
  • 60″ Longitudinal Seam Welding Cell
  • 24″ Longitudinal Seam Welding Cell
  • 6″ Micro Seam Welding Cell
  • Multi-Axis TIG/Plasma Welding Cell
  • Micro-Plasma Welding Cell
  • Circumferential Plasma Welding Cell
  • Resistance Welding Station
  • MIG Welding Circumferential/Seam Welding Cell
  • Data Aquisition System
  • Laser Seam Tracker
  • Orbital Welding Cell with Weld Heads
  • High Purity Weld Chamber
  • Roll Forming Machinery
  • Helium Leak Detector
  • Wet Bench for Cross Sectioning
  • Tool Maker/Full C.N.C. Machine Shop
  • Tungsten Grinder
  • Multiple Gases & Gas Mixes
  • Full Inventory of Filler Wire

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