AWS-150/300 Two Axis CNC Automatic Welding System

AWS 150-300


To achieve maximum welding rates at a minimal labor cost on complex Tig or Plasma welding applications Weldlogic provides our AWS-6100 system with the Compu-Arc multi-axis controller.

Specifically designed for precision automatic welding, the controller enables simple or complex circumferential and longitudinal weld profiles to be easily performed by a minimal skilled operator. All components are fully integrated to provide a “ready to weld” automatic system.



  • 0.1-300 amperes Tig/Plasma
  • Arc gap set/Arc voltage control
  • Wire feed
  • Fully programmable/memory
  • Multiple levels, pulsing, sloping




  • Complex welds easily made
  • Operator free operation
  • Low skill requirements
  • High production rates
  • Quick change over

Automation Options

  • Auto part feeder
  • Auto part ejection
  • Air actuated chuck/5-c
  • Dual torches
  • Vision system
  • Laser tracking
  • 3 axis motion control
  • Custom designed tooling
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