AWS-400 Dual Spindle Driven C.N.C. / Specialized Tig Weld System



This AWS-400 – Dual Spindle drive welding lathe was a specifically designed for a customer that had many specialized part handling and weld process requirements.

Our Mechanical & Electrical Engineers created a Computer Controlled system that would weld a wide range of multiple pass X-ray clean welds for the sub-sea industry.

The system stored the weld program (multi-pass, with Wire Feed, Arc Voltage, Travel Speed) with capacity to select 1 of three gas mixes, water cooling between passes, air blow to remove moisture and torch position based for every pass.

The spindles were both servo driven with 2” thru bore with air actuated 3 jaw chucks with special tooling. The system enabled the operator to load the system with 2 assemblies to be welded and start the weld and return when the light indicates a completed weld.

A variety of exotic materials were welded to the highest quality standard using basic operator training. Weldlogic assisted the manufacture to develop the weld process and tooling to properly production weld the couplings.




  • AWS-400 Advanced Welding System
  • Arc Voltage Control
  • 2 Wire Feeders to select from computer selected
  • Joy stick positioning with multi-pass computer controlled
  • Multiple gas selection computer controlled
  • Tail Stock Powered Spindle & Chuck
  • C.N.C. Controlled torch positioning
  • Water cooled between passes / air blast
  • Vacuum system removes steam from water cooling
  • Custom Work Station Table / wheels
  • Arc Shielding 3 sides
  • Special Tooling Sequencing for proper internal purge





  • 304 / 316 / Nitronic alloys


  • Oil and gas industry


  • X-Ray Clear, Multi Pass, Operator free operation

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