AWS 210/400/800 AC



Programmable DC and AC/DC TIG and PLASMA Welding Systems

The AWS-210-400-800 Advanced Welding Systems are microprocessor-based programmable power supplies designed and built to provide a highest quality, accurate and repeatable welds. These systems are available in 210, 400 or 800 ampere configurations in either DC or AC/DC configurations for welding aluminum alloys. The system also controls positioner Travel Motion, Torch Arc Distance Control and Wire Feed servos providing a totally integrated system.

The AWS-system is a highly refined, field-proven product used throughout the world for critical welding applications The controls and hardware are the end result of 40+ years of designing and manufacturing precision automated computer controlled welding systems.




  • Close Loop Servo Control of Weld Current, Travel Speed, Arc Distance Control & Wire Feed.
  • External memory, via flash drive, stores unlimited multi-level weld schedules.
  • Synchronized Current, Voltage, Travel and Wire Feed.
  • Torch and back up gas flow meters with gas fault sensors.
  • Password protected Operator/Engineering modes.
  • Programmable operators overrides 0-100%. Minimal operator skill required.
  • Detects and indicated faults, i.e., Gas Flow, Voltage, Current and Travel Limits.
  • Operator friendly remote control & weld program selector.
    Isolated I/0 inputs & outputs, Standard I/O outputs to PLC
    and additional devices, ie.
  • Data Aquisition, Safety Switches, Auto Feeder, etc. up to 4 channels.





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