Doosan – A Series



The Almighty A Series can go anywhere! With its superior speed and cost-effectiveness, A-Series promises a simple solution and a satisfaction to whom may be hesitant to get a cobot.




A+ Safety

The advanced safety algorithm ensures the safety beyond the limits of current-based collision detection technology.
PLe Cat 4 | The highest international safety level

A+ Customization

Customers have a choice of High-tech force sensor model for more delicate tasks requiring human like dexterity.
FTS (Force Torque Sensor) is twice as high as competitors, ensuring higher performance and outcome.

A+ Speed & ROI

The high-end hardware, created by Doosan’s world class technology, promises quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the industry along with the remarkable acceleration.
Reduced cycle type and excellent cost-effictiveness promises the shortest time for your ROI.


A0509 – Payload 5kg, Reach 900mm

A0912 – Payload 9kg, Reach 1200mm

A0509s – Force Sensor, Payload 5kg, Reach 900mm

A0912s – Force Sensor, Payload 9kg, Reach 1200mm


Machine Tending • Pick & Place • Packaging • Inspection • Air Blowing • Gluing & Bonding • Polishing & Deburring • Assembly

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